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International traders and Finnish tax laws

What is important to know about Finnish Tax Laws when you are a selling in Finland:

  1. All companies and even individuals are wellcome to sell their products here in Finland when doing business obeing Finnish Laws. You should for example give your exact company name, address and your company registration number for invoices of your market places.
  2. Your company is paying its income tax to your own country except when you have a real estate here in Finland where your personell is doing business. A temporary warehouse, rented summer cottage, caravan van etc. are not real estates.
  3. You are paying your pay-roll taxes, pensions etc. to your own country, when your employees are paying their taxes not to Finland. That is when they are not liable to pay their taxes to Finland, because they live in another country, have their home and address there.
  4. VAT you should always pay of your all sales here in Finland. The matter is only to which country, when and how. Your first obligation is to get a representative here in Finland to your company for your VAT obligations in Finland. This representative must be a company with a Finnish registration sign. It must be approved by the Finnish tax authorities, so that they can be sure that this representative can do this VAT business.
  5. When you must start paying VAT to Finland you must start bookkeeping for Finnish tax authorities of your sales in Finland starting from that day. Your representative should hold this bookkeeping here in Finland in 6 years and give it to tax authorities when they want to audit it. Your representative must chose in which language Finnish or Swedish is you dealing with tax authorities. Then your representative is choosing the right protocols and fill them electric that is in internet to Finnish tax authorities. Your representative must give all your tax declarations to the tax authorities. Your representative must also give answers if Finnish tax authorities ask anything about you or your VATs. But you are responsible that everything goes according to the law.
  6. Most of you are probably first paying your VAT of your sales in Finland to your own country! When your sales here in Finland deducted by your VAT of those sales to your own country reach 35.000 euros for the last two calendar years, then you should start paying VAT to Finland as a distance seller. It all depends what Finnish tax authorities decide when your representative sends your first declaration to them, it all depends if you don’t have warehouse, office or other real estate here in Finland or not.
  7. So first get a representative and do at once all the paperwork ready with him or her.

Here is Finlands Tax Administrations advises (in finnish) to meet the regulations.
Please give this info to your representative. < Download pdf here >

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