Very Important info for safety and travelling

Corona Epidemic starts to be over in Finland and we can start working normal way step by step. At this moment it looks that this Year Grand International tour is possible to begin in August. 

The government of Finland allows free travelling all these EU-countries where has been below 8 COVID-19 patient /100.000 people (R<0,8) Attention! This means that situation can change quite fast if there is coming new infections somewhere.

After 13.7. should be possible come to Finland without 14 days quarantine citizens of these countries: Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Italia, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Cyprus, Liechtenstein and Ireland.

If You are coming to any other countries (for example Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom etc...) You will need 14 days of quarantine time before the first market. Quarantine place You have to organize Yourself forefront.

However, we know now that you are allowed to travel to Finland from another EU country if you have a special certificate of work-travel. These means that Mr. Ari Kallas writes the certification which tells that You are working with TMK and You are a VIP person for us. This way, You are allowed to work in the markets. 

Please see attached the special form where we ask who is coming from Your company or with You. Please fill it asap and sent to the email of Mr. Ari Kallas address at least 7.7.2020. If You are not sure who is coming yet, still put all unsure attendants, please. It is better to be on the list than having somebody missing from it. We sent these certifications to You with email before 14.7.2020. You can find the same form in our homepages 

TMK's most important safety rules for this situation:

1) all of You have to have max 14 days old document that tells You had a test, and You don't have coronavirus. It is very important in the advertisement we can say to the public that all our international traders have been tested!!! If You are sick, please don't come at all!
We recommend that You have the COVID-19 test taken already in Your home country and You have already the negative corona test paper when You come to Finland.

TMK has made a contract about corona tests in Finland with private Hospital company Terveystalo. They concentrate International traders tests to Vantaa and Espoo hospitals (capital area) or Joensuu hospital. TMK has to give list all these foreign persons who are coming to test at least 13.7.2020 and test has to do at least 28.7.2020 if You want to get results before first markets. Please, fill the attached form carefully and let us know who You want to come test in Finland. Test price in Terveystalo is 230 euros. If You or some of Your workers come sick during the tour, You can get the test quickly and flexible way in the same price.
You find same form too from this link 

2) all stalls have to have a separate / visible hand disinfectant point for customers (and another one for Your personnel). Hand disinfection points have to be placed so that everyone can see it. Also, every stall has to have the safety info for customers!

3) all stalls have to keep care of all safety rules and safety distance. Especially that there is enough space for customers. Here is the link to the Finnish and English safety rules for traders and customers! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

We hope that this is already final Timetable (some changes are still possible).

Joensuu 6.-9.8.2020 
Kuopio 13.-16.8.2020 
Lahti 20.-23.8.2020 
Jyväskylä 27.-30.8.2020 
Hyvinkää 3.-6.9.2020
Tampere 10.-13.9.2020 
Helsinki 17.-20.9.2020 
Kristiinankaupunki 25.-27.9.2020 (3 days)
Turku 1.-4.10.2020

Attention! You can find the new market area maps in our homepages address. We have been huge problems caused be new restaurant terraces. Cities try to support local restaurants (since restaurants were closed many months), and now many large restaurants have new terraces in the middle of market areas. 
Same time we have to slices all markets into special A, B, C... areas where is always different security, washing points etc... It means a lot of extra work and costs for TMK too, but without these, we cannot organize markets at all.

Please notice that all of You have to fill the new reservation form too. If You have done it already, it's fine
Please see attached the new reservation form. We want all of You to return it to us even if You are not coming. We have to know for sure that You are coming to the markets and to know what is Your situation! Fill out and sent the reservation form ASAP to us via email or fill out the new reservation form in our homepages

Sincerely Yours

Ari Kallas

Travel to Finland informing form