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Reservation form for year 2023

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    NEW! Reservation form for the International-markets in 2023

    Select the market to which you want to participate in:

    Organizer reserve the right to make changes to schedule and locations.

    Tampere 17.-21.5.2023 (5 days)

    Kerava 25.-28.5.2023

    Seinäjoki 1.-4.6.2023

    Jyväskylä 8.-11.6.2023

    Lahti 15.-18.6.2023

    Mikkeli 22.6.-25.6.2023

    Lappeenranta 29.6.-2.7.2023

    Turku 6.-9.7.2023

    Kristiinankaupungin Kesämarkkinat 13.-16.7.2023

    Rauma 26.7.-29.7.2023

    Joensuu 3.-6.8.2023

    Kuopio 10.-13.8.2023

    Oulu 17.-20.8.2023

    Tornio 24.-27.8.2023

    Rovaniemi 31.8.-3.9.2023

    Kokkola 7.-10.9.2023

    Hyvinkää 14.-17.9.2023

    Helsinki 21.9.-1.10.2023 (11 days)

    Name of the company/salesperson:

    Contact person:


    Zip code:

    City and country:




    VAT -number:

    Sales articles: (list the essentials) Please send A.S.A.P. Photos of stands&display to

    How many meter you need (min 2m)?

    How “deep” place you need (choises are 2m, 3m or 4 meter where ever possible to accommodate )?

    Need of electricity: (must be announced!) NOTICE! ELECTRICAL paid on the spot!

    No needed220V 1x16A380V 3x16A380V 3x32A

    Parking: List of cars and other vehicles. Does some vehicle/-s need electricity?

    By sending this reservation form a person commits his-/herself to reserve places from these International-markets. Deposit we will invoiced after we have got this reservation form.

    Deposit is non-refunable deposit will be deducted from last market you have booked.
    Market rents will be invoiced in advance during spring 2023 (about 2 months before markets).

    If the entire event has to be canceled or interrupted due to a nuclear accident, war, crisis, terrorist act, exceptional natural event such as a major storm, catastrophe, pandemic, legislative change or governmental regulations, the place fees will not be refunded.

    Stall size less than 3m 200€
    Stall size 3-9m 500€
    Stall size 9-16m 1000€
    Stall size over 16m 2000€

    Bank information: Tori- ja Markkinakaupan Palvelukeskus Oy
    IBAN: FI395037 0520 020047 SWIFT/BIC: OKOYFIHH

    NOTE! When the sending is successful there will be green box below the send button.